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Success starts with attitude

"No matter how big the thing is, it is actually composed of details. Great attention to standardised process and details will bring good consequence."

It's the attitude that helped Tony grow his career at Richemont Maisons Cartier and now Jaeger-LeCoultre, after his recent promotion.

It was easy!

The Group respects every employee’s wishes and is dedicated to encouraging us to actively contribute to the development of the Maisons. They gave me great support.

Experience pays off

As one of the candidates for this role, I was interviewed in a fair and equitable manner. The entire selection process was transparent. During the interviews, I learned more about the history, visions and values of Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Maison’s expectations regarding the position and my responsibilities.

HR played a huge role by recommending me and helping me underestand my suitability for the position. I guess they believed my qualified skillset and past performance, plus accumulated experience at Cartier would help bring new thoughts, vigor and vitality to Jaeger-LeCoultre.

I'm surprised by...

How quickly I adjusted to the new environment. This speaks to my being a good team player in the Jaeger-LeCoultre family. They are all easy going and passionate. We are united together to pursue a higher goal by following our Maisons’ values. After more than 1 year, by working together with the team, the performance of Jaeger-LeCoultre retail has shown strong improvement, as well as the growth of the team.

I'm grateful for...

Growing up with the Group, and making each other better.

Richemont has witnessed my development. I joined the Group in 2006 and started as a Wholesale Executive at Cartier. I grew within Cartier over 11.5 years to Assistant Wholesales manager, Wholesale Manager, Regional Commercial Manager-Northeast, Regional Retail Manager-North, and then I transferred to Jaeger-LeCoultre as Retail Director. I'm grateful to the Group for always striving to create an excellent environment for our self-enhancement and offering us broader perspectives.

A competitive advantage...

The values towards working at Richemont are more than concepts. You have rich resources here to motivate people keep learning. You are also supported to innovate and create. An inherent entrepreneurship is always guiding you to perceive and respond to opportunities at all levels. This helps me to sustain my competitive advantage in today’s market.

People may not know that I am...

Most of people consider I am results-oriented, but I’m actually more process-oriented. Even though in retail department, we are always evaluated by the results of sales. I believe ‘doing things right’ will bring long term benefits to our business.

My winning formula...

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." I love this quote by Vince Lombardi. Success starts with attitude. This quote inspires the success in my career and my personal life. It encourages me to challenge myself constantly.

One last thing...

The Group appreciates your positive attitude towards internal mobility. In terms of process, HR will provide you huge support. In terms of your personal development, HR can give you pertinent suggestions. So don’t hesitate if you are interested about any position.

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