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Stay True To Yourself

What was your path in the Group?

It started in 2016 when I first tried to join for an internship during my bachelor’s degree. Being from Geneva’s area, I understood quite early that Richemont was a renowned and strong employer. I kept an eye on open positions ever since, but other opportunities led me to different places. Then in winter 2021, I got a message asking me if I was interested in applying for the Group. I was thrilled! I went through a very insightful and strong recruitment process to join as an intern in Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition in Bellevue for six months.

After those great months, full of impactful missions, creative ideas, and international connections, I received an interesting opportunity from my manager in one of our Maison. I was surprised how managers invested their time and resources in nurturing the talent in their teams. After applying, and during the recruitment process, I felt that my work dedication and positive attitude made me earn the trust of my peers and colleagues.

I got this permanent position and it has been six great months working for Vacheron Constantin as Media Coordinator. I really enjoy working with our different markets discovering something new every day. Besides, I feel fortunate to have experienced so much within the Group in only one year. I think my journey is a good example of mobility across the group and the opportunities that arise with a strong dedication and positivism!

What have you learned during your journey?

I knew that being able to adapt yourself was key to success. But it became so much more important since I joined the Group. There is such an impressive diversity of culture, heritage, background, personalities. In addition, we are working in a digital and international environment, that keeps changing, evolving, and being disrupted.

There is only one way for us to thrive in this kind of environment and I think that is my biggest learning so far. We just need to learn how to adapt ourselves and to be flexible, with respect, to others.

Besides, diversity is the most beautiful and invaluable thing a company can have. I try to impact my work by having an open mind and being kind to make people feel as comfortable as I am in the Group.

What is your favourite Richemont memory?

My favourite memory is both my first and last day at Richemont headquarters. On my first day, I felt very welcomed, like I was already belonging to this environment. I felt proud to reach this great objective that I had for several years. The team I joined was already happy to have me. We connected quickly and already shared great expectations and projects.

Because of this context, I had a lot of home-office at the time, but I still managed to connect and meet amazing people. I had a small farewell party with my colleagues and it reminded me how much I accomplished in six months. I felt very grateful to have had such an amazing beginning in the Group. My last truly felt like the beginning of a new, long journey!

What are wise words, you live by?

Stay true to yourself!

During my first internship, just after high school, I was working for a month in a winter sports equipment store. I was eager to learn and discover as much as possible. In the middle of the second week, I got told to lower my energy. I felt very uncomfortable working there meaning that had to lower my energy thus personality. Which is not who I am as a person.

I asked to change and found another company that fitted who I was. This I what I did every since. Here at Richemont, I can easily say that I working as my true self, with people that relate to it, and invest their time to make us thrive. To have colleagues and managers who trust and invest in you with their time and knowledge is invaluable.

So, stay true to yourself. If a workplace does not embrace the real you, then find a workplace that will!

In the future I see myself...

To be honest, I do not want to know where my future self will be in 5 or even 10 years. I think there is a beauty in getting used to the unexpected, and being amazingly surprised by how things turn out. That’s the beauty of life. You never know what will happen.

A year ago, I was planning to do something completely different in another country. Today, I have relocated to Switzerland, completed an internship at Richemont’s headquarters, and worked my way to a permanent position at Vacheron Constantin, the oldest watchmaking manufacturer.

I want to see where this journey takes me, and I am always open to new adventures or challenges!

My advice to interns is...

When working on promoting the Richemont Dubai Series, there was something shared by Noora Al Suwaidi (Business Development Advisor at Van Cleef & Arpels) that truly spoke to me.

I remember her saying passionately: “I don’t think outside the box. There is no box.”

This sentence stuck with me. My advice would be to stop trying to think out of this box that everyone keeps talking about. There is no box. And if there is, it is only a limit to our imagination, passion, and perseverance. Also, I believe determination is key.

This is something I saw in all the inspiring people I met since the beginning of my journey. If you work hard enough with passion, you will have results. Oh, and of course, enjoy it!

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