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Sky is only the begining

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Joining a new region at the beginning of the pandemic, Marc saw this situation as an opportunity to learn faster and more efficiently about his teams' productivity. Improving operational performance across the region while at the same time proposing and implementing new services, Marc leads his teams to new beginnings by thinking out of the box.

What has been your career path in the Group?

My journey within Richemont started 16 years ago at Roger Dubuis. I grew up within the company from Industrial engineer to Head of Industrialization of this beautiful and fully integrated Manufacture. I then had the chance to actively participate in the creation of the CGHH in Meyrin, working hand-in-hand with the Maisons to create this amazing workplace.

After the opening of the Campus, I returned to Roger Dubuis and take over the position of Customer Service and Quality Manager until February 2020. Then the opportunity came up for the position of Customer Service Director for Middle-East, India, & Africa (MEIA) in Dubai and I took on this new role.

What have your learned during your journey?

At Roger Dubuis, I had the chance to speak up and implement my ideas and to regularly take on new responsibilities and challenges. For me, as a young manager, it was a fast learning curve and working in such an entrepreneurial environment helped me move forward with the same motivation throughout the years.

Working now for a regional function is an incredibly enriching experience. Every day you learn from the Maisons, their organisation, history, best practices, etc. Personally, I am excited by the willingness of all the Maisons to collaborate with us to improve our services in a strong spirit of partnership.

What impressed you the most?

I joined Richemont MEIA at the beginning of the pandemic and it was funny to hear people being sorry for me relocating “at the worst moment”. For me it was a great opportunity. Henry Ford said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it”.

It was an opportunity for all of us to learn working together and understanding each other 10 times faster than normal. Looking back over the last 12 months, I’m amazed by the dedication and hard work the team has shown and I am impressed at what we have achieved together. Improving our operational performance across the region while at the same time proposing and implementing new services to help our Maisons grow their brand equity has been the best takeoff I have imagined! I honestly can't find the words to express how proud and grateful I am of all the team!

How have you impacted the Group?

At Roger Dubuis, I worked in a very creative environment where outstanding services and experiences were part of our DNA. Moving to a Richemont Regional Function, you are mainly challenged on the ability of your team to provide operational support within an existing and already performing framework. I bring my customer-centric mindset and creativity into my new role. I want to position our function and Richemont Customer Serivce as a partner of choice, not only to ensure fast and qualitative repairs but also to help our Maisons transform their after sales into new business opportunities.

I think it was also a great source of motivation for the team, who had to leave their comfort zone and gain visibility and recognition from their colleagues and managers.

While this example is nothing revolutionary, it shows how by encouraging mobility within the group, Richemont is making the strengths or specificities of each of its entities beneficial to the others, while at the same time, it offers growth opportunities to its employees

What is your favorite memory?

I have so many, but what made my journey worthwhile and I will never forget is the warm welcome I always received from my colleagues from all over the world during market visits and trainings. From Tokyo to Singapore and Taipei, from Beijing to Seoul or from Hong Kong, SAR, to NYC, spending hundreds of hours in boutiques with my colleagues has taught me what working for luxury clients really mean, while discovering beautiful people, cultures, places and, of course, incredible culinary delights.

What are wise words you live by?

Every day when reaching my office, I see this quote on the wall “They say sky is the limit for ambition. We say: the sky is only the beginning” which summarises well the philosophy of the country I’ve been living in and the team I have been working with for a year. I believe that in life nothing should be taken to granted and we should always keep looking ahead. That is what moves us forward and grows as individuals and teams.

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