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Put in the hard work

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

My career path...

I've joined the Group in 2013 and started my journey at Cartier in the supply chain team of the eye wear manufacture in Paris. Quickly after joining, I was really lucky to be included in a project of moving the production building to new premises which was a great learning opportunity for me. After Paris, I decided to take up a challenge and go work at Richemont's Customer Service department in Dubai. Working in a multicultural environment such as the Middle East was one of the best times in my career so far, I had an incredible team that taught me a lot.

Last year, I got the chance to join the team in Switzerland, where I am currently working on a project to construct and facilitate a smooth move of the Swiss CS platform from Fribourg to Neuchâtel. I am extremely lucky to work in a company that made it possible for me to work in 3 different countries.

What have I learned ...

Throughout my career, I was fortunate to have some great mentors. I have learned a lot from them and it has been proven to me time after time, that believing in people and putting them in the centre of your operation is really one of the fundamentals of business. When you invest your time and effort in developing a strong team, results always follow. Additionally, I try to create an atmosphere with two-sided feedback in my team where we all help each other grow.

Handling many challenges and projects, I have learned that delegation is crucial and if you are doing your job well, there is no need to micro-manage. Lastly, working with all Maisons of Richemont, and our external partners, I have learned to tailor my approach to best respond to the specific needs of our brands and better support them on the journey of customer service excellence.

How have I changed...

During my time at Richemont, I have met some exceptional people that all impacted my life on so many different levels and from every one of them I have learned something that helped me and brought me where I am now. I have changed my management style, the way I deal with emerging problems and improved my decision-making skills.

I think we learn every day so, skill-wise, I have learnt a lot since day one such as being technical, operational, and also in my managerial skills. I have been managing a team for over seven years now. In the beginning, you make a lot of mistakes with management but then you start to improve; I still learn every day. Besides, I think I developed my patience. Starting as a young engineer, you think that you can quickly change anything. However, you also quickly realize you need time to do things in the best way for the Group.

What surprised me...

I started with the Group as a young engineer coming from the automotive sector. I discovered the beautiful luxury industry in one of the best Groups in the world. Since day one, I have been amazed by how much Richemont invests to make sure that its clients are extremely satisfied and its employees remain happy. Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, we were once again reminded how lucky we were to be a part of a company that provided so many resources. Richemont always gave clear communications throughout the pandemic which brought us even closer together.

How have I impacted the group...

I do not believe in the "Status quo"; to progress and keep being relevant, you must rethink and challenge the processes and flows, and that is something I try to do on a daily basis to provide an exceptional experience for all Richemont partners and clients. I keep on challenging and motivating myself and the team because I trust that we can always do better and evolve.

I always question and challenge the processes in order to reach new and higher standards. The sentence that I do not like is “We have always been doing like that”, and we banned it from the team because we can do better by really putting in the efforts.

My favourite memory...

Probably the travels I had while working in Dubai. I had a chance to spend time in multiple countries like South Africa or Saudi Arabia. All those experiences I gained and the great colleagues I met in each of these countries are memories that will never be forgotten. For example, I went two times to South Africa with Richemont Customer Service, and I had such an amazing welcome and time. Those memories will stay with me forever. Besides, events such as SIHH are also an amazing memory because of the many people you have the chance to meet and how welcoming they all are.

Wise words I live by...

Put in the hard work, don't make excuses and you will never be disappointed in the outcome.

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