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Never Give up on Your Dreams

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Where my journey began

Before joining the Group, I had been working in software development for 8 years. After visiting the Crown Jewels when I was young, I always knew that I wanted to work in jewellery and decided to change my career path. I didn’t just want to work for any jewellery company, but specifically for Cartier. Through some personal connections, I met the CEO of Cartier UK. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity available at that time, which was around the end of 2011. However, I knew that Cartier is where I wanted to end up and I was not going to give up.

When the role for Cartier E-commerce Manager finally opened up eight years later, I said to myself, “This is my job!” Fortunately, Cartier also agreed with me that the job was for me. After a lengthy path filled with a lot of ambition and patience, I finally achieved my dream of joining the Cartier team. It was an unreal feeling! My journey within the Group started with my role as Ecommerce Manager in the UK, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from.

Teamwork makes the dream work

E-commerce in general is very transfunctional - You get to experience a little bit of every function. The Cartier UK team was driven to do everything better. We were trying to improve our customer experience, communication, efficiency, and collaboration. If everyone is in the same mindset, it makes for a very collaborative, interesting and dynamic team. We were not sitting separately from retail, but really working together. We were able to explore all kinds of pilot opportunities. We tested and learned so many things on our own website and from our partners. Our team built close and lasting relationships with our external partners, which made everyone commercially successful. During my time at Cartier UK, I was promoted from Ecommerce Manager to Head of Ecommerce. I was part of the UK Executive Committee and worked on the 3-year strategy plan, which was an enriching experience.

From London Bridge to Lac Léman

UK was the biggest market for the online partnerships. When the role moved from being under the Ecommerce team to the commercial team, an opportunity opened up for an International Online Partnerships Manager. I have never thought about living abroad nor specifically in Switzerland, but the job just looked like such an unmissable opportunity. It was geographically diverse, so there was so much for me to learn about countries specifies – different ways to fulfill the needs of our clients. There is such a huge variety.

First learn to walk before you fly

Cartier has such a strong culture and brand presence, which makes them truly unique. During my journey, I have learned many things. However, I think the most valuable lessons has been around this idea of strengthening the brand. We are tempted to run after every opportunity, but Cartier has taught me to evaluate every opportunity and pursue only the ones that add value to the brand. I believe that this is a helpful lesson for everyone.

To new beginnings...

I love Switzerland and was familiar with the country before moving here, as I frequently visited as a child. The Group dynamic in Switzerland is extremely welcoming and accommodating, with a diverse group of people, which creates an amazing support network for all new joiners. I was worried that moving here and not speaking any French would be a challenge, but I have not felt alone at all. I am constantly in contact with colleagues and

also people from Richemont, who I don’t work with directly.

The people from the Group are really the Crown Jewels of Richemont.

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