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My experience at Richemont

I work as a Customer Service Advisor in PANERAI ION Singapore boutique since February 2018. I support boutique operations in the after sales aspect.

A deep dive into the world of watchmaking

My job scope requires me to work closely with our in-house watchmaker based in the boutique and also our local service centre platform. This position has allowed me to explore a fascinating side of the watch retail industry and see our unsung heroes – the watchmakers, meticulously at work.

Going above and beyond

I am also constantly challenged to further develop my problem solving skills and creativity – lifelong skills that I can apply in all areas of my life which I am grateful for. Sometimes the demands of my job can overwhelming but the team is always there to give a helping hand and push me to achieve my potential. 

With the support of my manager, I saw an opportunity to convert high value repairs into watch sales. I consolidate the list and send it to the retail staff every week.

Even though sales is not required of me, it was fulfilling to see my initiative could contribute to the store’s sales.

Memories that will last a lifetime

My favourite memories with the Maison are our annual dinner and dance and also team bonding sessions. I always believed that gathering together in a casual setting can help foster better working relationships which in turn can create a more conducive working environment. 

Last year was the “Submersible” year for PANERAI and we engaged professional divers to learn diving. Some of my colleagues were consigned diving watches and it was exhilarating to see our watches in action. The activity not only helped us – both office and retail staff, to know each other better, it also connected us deeper to the Maison. 

A people's company

What surprises me at Richemont is how they value their human resource. There is an open channel for communication within the company even though you may come from different Maisons. They highly value training and grooming their employees. Our voices are always heard.

Growing is possible

What I felt was extremely thoughtful of Richemont is the internal job opportunities channel. It is an open avenue for us to explore other prospects, locally or internationally, with the different Maisons. With this tool, we have the freedom to shape our career throughout the different seasons of our lives.

To conclude, I feel incredibly blessed to be part of Richemont and PANERAI. I am thankful to have found a place and dynamic career here.

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