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Meet Jérôme, CyberTech Team Leader

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


I cannot believe I've been with the Group 24 years already!

I started in February 1995, as intern at Vacheron Constantin in Italy. I was just 17 years old. Initially the internship was planned for 2 weeks… and yet, here I am, 24 years later, still working for Richemont....Damn! At that time, there were around 120 people working there. Today that figure represents 10% of the company.

My internship led to a

... four-year apprenticeship with Vacheron Constantin, after which I was hired as an IT Technician, which I was really happy to accept. A year later, I was promoted to Support Manager, then two years later, to IT Infrastructures Manager, before moving on to my previous position, in 2010, as Head of Information Systems Infrastructures and Technology Innovation.

2018 was a critical moment

I knew I needed something new. Because of my interests in Information Security, I knew this topic should be part of the evaluation for my professional "what", while considering my future... My burning questions were: what to do, where to go and how to capitalize on years of managing IT Infrastructures ???

Answers came faster than I expected… I had an awesome opportunity to join the Group Security department as part of the Cyber Resilience Teams!  Believe me, after almost 24 years in a Maison, it's pretty disturbing/challenging to change context where many things can be considered as "acquired".

I took a leap of faith!

After a lot of talks about the position, the decision become something natural. Today, I have absolutely no regret. This change lit up my mind and boosted my motivation as I never expected.

A new working environment opened my horizons

Up until 2018, I had always had my own office for the last 10 years at Vacheron Constantin - something I really valued.

When I started to discuss the new position, this was an open point: 'What if I do not fit the new way of working in an open space office?'. After almost four months, I am happy to say it's been easy to adapt. I even enjoy it! I was surprised to see how the new Workspace 4.0 is turning on "team spirit & collaboration within a team, within a department".

A bike ride a day keeps the doctor away

The biggest change has been increased wellbeing. Every working day, I sleep at least one hour more than before, and since I live around 1.5 KM from work, I go by bicycle, which is much easier than by car. In the past I used to think this would be a "Nice to have", but now it's become a must!

My challenge of the moment integrating well with the team, and gaining a good understanding of our business challenges in the CyberTech area. This is pretty huge, because until today, this topic didn't really exist before I arrived.

Ready to jumpstart your own story within the Group?

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