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Longevity does not mean routine

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

For the past 15 years, Bastien has been working in the design department at Roger Dubuis, designing timepieces of raging mechanics. He has actively contributed to the evolution of this Maison with his strong creative proposals.

Moving from 3D Artist to Senior Digital Designer

I joined the group in 2008 when Roger Dubuis was first acquired by Richemont. I started as a 3D artist, where I was responsible for digitally designing every single product of the Maison. Since joining 15 years ago, I have witnessed the amazing transformation and evolution of Roger Dubuis. During this time, I had the chance to develop myself within the Group and was promoted to Senior Digital Designer. I have really enjoyed being part of Roger Dubuis' development on different creations like the “Knights of the Round Table” and on different watch movements like the “Skeleton Double Tourbillon”.

I have learned…

That longevity in the same function and Maison does not mean routine! I am working in a Maison that is always evolving and becoming more and more creative. During my career, I gained confidence on my skills and I submitted creative proposals that can be described as “out of the box”. More importantly, my colleagues are always

collaborating with me on those ideas to

make them even wilder.

How I have impacted the Group…

At Roger Dubuis we believe that the evolution of the Maison is thanks to everyone’s contribution. I have had the chance through my humble inputs to work on the modernization of our timepieces. For example, with projects managers, we integrated new materials into our watches, like multi-layered carbon and other materials from Lamborghini cars or Pirelli tires. By the way, those partnerships with these famous brands have been a big success!

My favorite Richemont memory…

It’s hard to pick one memory, as I have a lot! But the most exciting was about three years ago in Modena, Italy for an event organized by Roger Dubuis, Lamborghini and Pirelli. I had the chance to be the co-pilot of a professional pilot FIA GT3 European Championship, from the Squadra Corse. He was a crazy driver and it was an amazing experience! Brakes and tires were burning! I would have never been able to experience this without Roger Dubuis.

A wise word to end

As I’m a discreet person, there is a quote I heard one day that I really like: “Seek respect, not attention, it lasts longer”

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