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Give yourself a chance to experience different markets

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

After challenging herself to grow in a new industry sandy discovered the beauty of mechanical timepieces when she joined IWC Schaffhausen in 2017. From Singapore to China, Sandy’s journey is full of travels and great experiences.

My career journey…

I moved to Singapore in 2010 and started working in the beauty industry. I loved beauty, but after some time, I thought that it was time to change and challenge myself. I had a friend working in Richemont and she encouraged me to join the Group.

I joined Richemont in May of 2017 as junior Sales Associate for IWC Schaffhausen in the Ion Orchard boutique. I didn’t know anything about timepieces, but my Managers helped me, and I studied to become well acquainted with these masterpieces. After 4 years, I decided to come back to China. Now I work as Senior Client Advisor in Shenzhen Bay.

What motivated me to return…

The number one reason that I wanted to come back was for my family. After 10 years away in Singapore, I wanted to be closer to my parents. I have a lot a friends and classmates that are working in China. They were always telling me that China is growing really fast and becoming a strong market. Then I had a chance to come back, so I asked to move internally.

What has surprised me…

China’s economy is growing so fast, but also the luxury and ecommerce sector. The clients are very different from the international clientele in Singapore. In China, you have a lot of young people interested in watches and they like to collect timepieces from different Maisons. Some of them even prefer to buy online! There is a lot of opportunities within the market. Nothing is impossible!

What I have learned along the way…

Everything was new when I joined the watch industry. Big thanks to my seniors and managers in Singapore! They really taught me a lot. I also learned a lot about the selling ceremony and serving different international clients.

My favourite memory…

I had a chance to go to Switzerland to visit the manufacture in Schaffhausen. We met colleagues from all over the world; USA, Hong Kong, France, etc.. Everyone was sharing their success stories and best practices. We still keep in touch via WhatsApp. I still remember the a nice dinner that we had altogether in the centre of Schaffhausen altogether.

The food was very delicious! It was also the first time that I travelled to Europe. With my two colleagues, we also took this opportunity to visit Paris. Another favourite memory is the event that we had in Singapore with the Formula 1 drivers!

My advice if you want to return to China...

Don’t be afraid! There are a lot of opportunities. Give yourself a chance to experience a different market and interact with different people. In the luxury market, there is a lot of space to grow in your career.

Wise words I live by…

Never give up. Never miss an opportunity to be successful. Everything is possible!

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