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From top seller to top talent hunter

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Daniel transitioned from selling creations to selling careers. His experience within the Group for the past two years has been with great colleagues that have turned into friends.

When I re-located to the Netherlands, I wanted to work for a diverse, international company, where I could grow within the organisation. I applied for Cartier, because I had a love for the Maison and I knew that I could grow within this Group. I started as an Ambassador at Cartier in Amsterdam. I worked within the Customer Relations Center for a year and a half, which was focused more on sales and customer service. While I was in the position, I went down to the Human Resources office and I said to the Talent Sourcer, “I want your job!”. He was kind enough to introduce me to the role and show me how he works. Then lady luck was on my side and the role opened up. I was supported in my transition from sales and customer service into talent acquisition, and now I work as a Talent Sourcer to recruit top talent for our office in Amsterdam.

What I learned…

I have learned so much! The main thing I learned is that you have to speak up. You have to be confident about what you want do and tell people where you want to go.

More technically, I have learned so much about how HR supports the business and supports the team in Amsterdam. It has been so interesting to see how the internal employees are developing. It has opened my eyes to how much work goes on behind the scenes. I have been lucky to meet so many new people and to understand what they do and how they work. I have been so blown away by the scope of some people’s work! It have given me a different perspective and a holistic understanding of the business.

What has surprised me..

I interviewed for the Talent Sourcer role just as we started the lock-down. I was surprised how smoothly the interviews went considering that the process was completely new to everyone. I had so much support throughout the whole process and was in constant communication with my predecessor and my new manager. Even the on boarding process was stream lined and I felt supported.

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover the full scope of my role. I never imagined that I would get involved in so many different topics on top of talent acquisition. I get to participate in so many different HR projects from well-being to employer branding. I am really enjoying it!

How I have impact…

I feel like integral part of the team. I like to keep myself open for feedback and constantly work on my development. My team knows they can speak to me openly and I feel the same for them. I know that I have more growing to do, but I feel confident.

I like to be able to see how I am making a difference. This is a real satisfaction for me. In recruitment, I am helping and supporting people.

My favorite Richemont memory…

One of them would definitely be breaking the sales record! I did for the whole time that the office has been open and it was for quite a lot.

However, I really enjoy our Christmas parties. It is so nice to see the colleagues outside of work. Everyone takes the theme so seriously and it is great to see everyone having fun. Our Christmas parties are really special.

My advice to join the Group…

For someone that wants to join Richemont, my advice is to concentrate on the skills you hold. There are so many transferable skills. You do not need a previous experience in luxury. Know where to place your skills and go at it with all your heart!

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