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Embrace new adventures and pursue your dreams

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Victoria’s seven years in the Group has been challenging and rewarding. From the world of IP to the online landscape at Watchfinder and back, she has enjoyed every second…

How my lawful voyage began

In 2012, I moved from Paris to Geneva to join the Group headquarters, located between the lake and mountains, as an Intellectual Property in-house counsel.  My twin sister and I passed the Bar exam in Paris, but we decided to pursue very different career paths. As an IP Counsel, I felt that my job would be more fulfilling in a company than in a law firm, as I would be much more involved in the business on a daily basis and act as a business partner. Joining a global group with such a vibrant portfolio of Maisons was and has been a tremendous opportunity!

As an IP Counsel within Group Legal, I am responsible for protecting and enforcing the Maisons’ IP rights, which are one of their most valuable assets. I work closely with the creative, marketing, communication and innovation teams, which is so exciting! I feel privileged to be part of such a diverse environment and honoured to contribute to the preservation of the Maisons’ DNA, their legacy, craftsmanship and savoir-faire, and to support their innovation and new projects.

"Moov"-ing sure is fun!

My career path may seem rather linear but this is not entirely true. Even if I have kept my role as IP Counsel, it feels like I have experienced several different positions since I joined the Group! Mobility within Group Legal is a fantastic opportunity to work on IP matters for numerous Maisons, which all have their own specific needs. I enjoy collaborating with different teams all over the world. 

Last year, I was one of the twenty people selected among internal 300 applicants to participate in Richemont’s Explorer program. This six months adventure was a placement within another function, Maison, and location! I joined Watchfinder’s headquarters in the UK from September to March. During my Explorer program, I took off my legal hat and worked on various strategic projects in Watchfinder’s business development team. I immersed myself in a business environment that was rather new to me, Watchfinder being a premium brand that buys and sells pre-owned luxury watches, online and offline. This was my first real experience directly in the business (apart from my student jobs…). It was an extraordinary opportunity to be on the other side for the first time in my career. This experience at Watchfinder was above all my expectations. My colleagues were very welcoming and I felt immediately part of their team. I was fully involved in the projects from the very first day, which helped me be operational and work autonomously from the second week. I worked with great teams from all areas of the business (commercial, creative, marketing, IT, service centre, finance, HR, etc.) that were all highly motivated and agile.

During these six months, I lived in Kent, so I took this opportunity to explore the gorgeous countryside, the picturesque villages and the beautiful South East coast of England. Whitstable was my favourite seaside town. I loved its lively atmosphere and amazing seafood. I also mastered driving on the other side of the road! And got a boating certificate from the Royal Yachting Association.

Don’t be afraid to fail

During my seven years within Group Legal, thanks to the support of my management who promotes creativity and change in all aspects of our work (new ways of working, new IP tools, transversal projects, etc.), and thanks to their trust, I learned to embrace new challenges and changes, without ever being afraid of failing. Leaving our comfort zone may sometimes feel challenging but is for sure very rewarding!

One big, diverse family

I am thrilled to work with people from diverse personal and professional backgrounds within Group Legal and in other functions. It is very inspiring and we learn a lot from each other! The level of expertise, dedication, and the strong sense of community of the Richemont people continues to impress me. Whether in Richemont functions or Maisons, at HQ level or in regions, we all feel that we are part of the Richemont family. Feeling connected is so precious.

By sharing my enriching experience at Richemont and the challenges I have accomplished, I hope to encourage other people to embrace new adventures and pursue their dreams.

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