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Do better if possible, what is always possible

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

My career path...

My first contact with the Group was at the beginning of 2012, I did a one month internship at the Customer Service platform in Paris, working for several brands of the Group. After finishing my studies, Richemont offered me a position in the CS platform in London as a watchmaker for Cartier since I kept a great relationship with the Group and my colleagues. Since all the Maisons of the Group are on the same platform, I also had the opportunity to build a close relationship with the Vacheron Constantin watchmaker and the boutique team.

The team always mentioned that I should go work in Geneva since they were looking for someone. After sending my resume, I got an offer to join the Maison’s offices in Geneva after one year and a half in London. In February 2014, I was working in the Encasing department and since my first day with Vacheron Constantin, I told them about my willingness to work abroad again. After three years, my wish came true and I joined the boutique in Singapore. Coming from the production, where you are working with many other watchmakers, being alone in the workshop was a completely new environment for me. I had to do three months of intense training to be fully autonomous in a boutique and also in front of the client. The first months really were a big challenge!

After three years, I wanted to go back to Europe for professional and personal reasons. It was perfect timing because they were looking for a boutique matchmaker in Geneva, still with Vacheron Constantin. So I came back to Switzerland in September 2019. Now, I am preparing for my next move which was not planned, but I am excited to be moving to the new Vacheron Constantin Flagship in New York, as a watchmaker.

What I have learned...

What I learned is that you have to be versatile and flexible. Of course, I like to move quite often which can enhance those qualities. However, those two things are true for the job as well. Each day is unique in the boutique. We can have different timepieces, different issues or repairs, and the clients can come anytime for many different reasons. I can spend five minutes or two hours with clients, in a boutique, in an event etc… The client relationship is present in many different contexts. That is why we have to be very flexible and versatile.

What surprised me...

I don’t know another Group where it is that smooth to move, grow and constantly challenge yourself. At Richemont, you can evolve from one position to another, across Maisons, each being very different and coming with exciting, new challenges and amazing environments. For example, from Cartier to Vacheron Constantin, technicalities are really different, but we are working on high-end luxury and the high requirements are the same. However, each is coming with different client journeys and opportunities.

Besides, it can be a small world. Anywhere in the world, you can know someone that you have met, from another country or Maison. This makes it easier to be integrated and efficient.

How have I changed...

On the professional part, I think I changed a lot. My skills are improving every day working on so many different watches and I feel more confident working on complicated timepieces. With the training and the fact that you are working alone in a boutique, you quickly learn to adapt to many situations and find solutions. I have also grown a lot regarding my knowledge of the Maison, its history and my clients relations.

On the personal side, I had the chance to travel a lot for work, and personally. I have met so many different people from many cultures, opinions, backgrounds etc.. that I think it changed me, and they are unique moments that no one can take me. It pushed me to grow my opinion of life and see the bigger picture of my environment.

How have I impacted the Group...

It is not just me who will impact something big about the Group but all the team. My team and I try a lot to provide a unique sense of belonging and client experience. Working in the boutique, we are the representatives of all the watchmakers and craftsmen of the manufacture. Our mission is to share the passion and the hard work with the clients and the world.

There is something we implemented in the boutique in Singapore, and now in Geneva. Once every month, we implemented events in the boutique where we invite a small Group of clients, 6 or 8, that don’t know each other. During those events, we talk about watches' complications, their history and technicalities, as well as our novelties. The objective is to share knowledge on Vacheron Constantin and on the watches, as well as create unique moments. When we make those passionate and collectors meet, it is nice to see that they sometimes create new friendships. Being in other countries, far from the HQ, people can not go and visit the manufacture, so we have to bring this feeling where we are.

My favourite memory...

One day, I was leaving the boutique in Singapore a bit later than usual when I got a call from my manager. He mentioned a conversation we had about a potential move to help another boutique, and he asked me if I was ready to go to Hong Kong for 10 days. The only complication was that I had to leave on the following day. I did not hesitate a lot and said to him: « Okay let’s go! ». I was packing and getting my things ready, and the technical manager based in Hong Kong called to inform me that they were doing the Richemont annual dinner, a day after my arrival. It is a huge event, especially there, with hundreds of people, where each Maison has its own theme and costume.

For Vacheron, it was « Casa De Papel » and the technical manager asked me if I had a costume of this theme. I told him that I didn't even have time to do my luggage, so I did not expect to have that kind of outfit. I told him that I would come in my work suit and pretend to be the « Professor » that always wears a suit in the TV show. Once we all met, we really had an amazing night and after leaving, a lot of people in the streets were taking pictures of us because we respected the theme and really looked like the TV Show.

This is funny and very memorable because at this exact moment I realized that if you really are flexible and adaptive, everything can fit together. Nothing was planned, and so many things happened in 24 hours, that was amazing.

Wise words I live by...

The first one is from Steve Job: « Stay hungry, stay foolish », this is something I like because it means that you always push yourself further and never stop learning.

The second, can maybe look too corporate but it is from Vacheron Constantin: « Do better if possible, what is always possible ». Whenever the job or position you have, it is a good quote that always pushes you to give your best. It was written in 1819 and it is still very true!

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