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Carpe Diem

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Chrystel is currently completing a VIE programme as Supply Chain Coordinator for Cartier in Hong Kong after which she will return to Cartier Paris.

Grabbing opportunities hands-on

What a great experience working for Cartier Hong Kong! After one year working for Maison Cartier in Paris, in the Purchasing and development team for strategic projects on product development and launches, I had the amazing opportunity to continue my career in Operations department in Hong Kong. Finding out more about operational stakes in Asia by joining the Hong Kong team sounded like the perfect opportunity. What a better place than Hong Kong to really understand and experience Asia dynamism?

It has been a real change

Coming from France, Hong Kong brings in so many different cultural enriching aspects. From a personal to a professional perspective, it was a true challenge. In fact, the newness of the city landscape and organization is the opposite of a European way of life with its high density, fast pace, and shopping oriented mindset.

My colleagues made me feel very welcome

From the first day at Cartier, my colleagues guided me through my new work life and kindly smoothened my integration. They brought me to taste Hong Kong delicacies during lunch time and shared some local customs. I thought I knew how to use chopsticks until my first lunch with my team, and I can tell I wasn’t really aware of the proper method of use. From dim sum to hot pot, local food is a real step into Hong Kong and sometimes requires brave strength to taste.

From HR team to my colleagues, everyone was really careful about my wellbeing within the Maison Cartier. Thanks to all these memorable moments shared with my team, I managed to adapt very easily into my new local role.

Seeing things from a different perspective

Having had the privilege to move internally allowed me to discover subsidiary problematics and processes. It helped to better visualize and materialize the impact of the global strategic decision from headquarter to operational team in Hong Kong, and to develop a transverse vision of the business. Thanks to the large amount of Richemont and Cartier tools, employees worldwide are using the same internal software. It is really helpful to efficiently take in a new position within the Group, and to evolve quickly by developing new competences.

The benefits

Having both point of views, from headquarter to subsidiary, is a real opportunity to deepen knowledge about Cartier strength and values. To me, working and living in Hong Kong is the best way to measure the dynamism of APAC market, as well as the importance of flexibility on the luxury industry.

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