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A match made in heaven

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Luiza Radu’s journey at Chloe began approximately 7 months ago as Assistant Boutique Manager in London.

I was looking for new opportunities and was having different opportunities pop-up, but nothing felt right. I had seen my now current role posted on LinkedIn, and I had reached out to the Europe Senior HR Manager. I was so shocked when she replied in 30 minutes! She put me in touch with the UK team and the rest was history. I was welcomed into the Chloé family soon after. It was a match made in heaven. Being able to reach out to the company directly and having them respond so rapidly really left an impactful and positive impression!

Every day since has been more fun than the previous one. 

Ever since joining Chloé, I have been encouraged to get involved in a lot of exciting learning opportunities from personalised CRM coaching sessions to collection training with the team, styling sessions, etc.. I am blessed to work with a team of wonderful professionals that I can learn from every day. So far, I have learned that the fine balance between a nurturing and a challenging environment is the key to a successful team. Exploring that notion with my team every day has helped me adjust my approach to building excitement. The supportive nature of our Boutique Manager creates the perfect environment for further developments.

I will never forget…

The reaction of our team when Matthew (Boutique Manager) and I were able to reward them with personalised gifts for their February sales efforts.

The illustrations we presented them with were inspired from the Bond Street event with Jaeger LeCoultre.

I did the ones for the team, but on the day of the event, an illustrator was hired to capture customer’s enjoyment. It helped customers connect to the event on a more personal level. It was a unique way to strengthen relationships with valued customers.

The warm atmosphere

This is what has really impressed me since the beginning. The Group has a unique and warm touch to building relationships (both internal as well as external). I particularly enjoy the personalised interactions and the unique CRM approach that focuses on building long-lasting, genuine, and loyal client relationships. It encourages customers to engage with the brand in a friendly and relaxed manner.

My favourite thing about Chloé

Chloé is the attitude that comes with ownership of any product.

Buying a Chloé creation means inspiring and sharing the free spirited nature of a delicate yet strong, minded individual. This is really the heart and soul of this Maison. 

My journey has just begun...

But, I am looking forward to exciting new developments (for our team as well as my own professional goals)… and smashing our targets.

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